Beskop Tshechu is Bhutan’s first short fiction, documentary and animation film festival. It was started in 2011 by a group of filmmakers and artists to create a much-needed alternative platform for Bhutanese filmmakers and audiences. The fifth edition of the festival will take place in April 2024, and will be organized in collaboration with and sponsored by BICMA. 

We are now accepting FILM ENTRIES!

Criteria for Submission and Submission Form – DOWNLOAD link

Please email with any inquiries or if you have any issues with the forms or submission process 


How long does my film have to be?
Your film can be any length under 30 mins. It can even be 1 minute long!

Can I submit a work-in-Progress?
Yes, you may submit a work in progress, or a rough cut for consideration. As long as it is gives a
clear idea of what the film will be like, the jury can consider it

Can I get an extension on the deadline?
No, we cannot give extensions but we do allow work in progress submissions.

My film was shown on Youtube. Can I still submit for Beskop Tshechu?
It can still be considered for the non-competition category. All films in the competition category
must be considered a BHUTAN PREMIERE, meaning that it has never been shown publicly in

My film was made 4 years ago. Can I still submit to Beskop Tshechu?
You may submit in the non-competition category. But for the competition category it must have
been produced after November 2021.

What are the benefits of my film participating in the festival if I do not win an award or am in
the non-competition category.

Beskop Tshechu strives to be a premiere platform to launch and release your film in Bhutan. We
build publicity for the filmmakers and the film, and also work towards facilitating meaningful
interactions between filmmakers and audiences and building a strong film community. By
participating in Beskop Tshechu, filmmakers are joining a platform of like-minded individuals.
There are also nominal screening fees available for Bhutanese films in the non-competition

Criteria for Submission and Submission Form – DOWNLOAD link