LENCHA (2018)

Feature Film

Duration: 1 hr 47 min
Year: 2018
Format: HD
Executive Producer: Sonam Dukpa

Produced by: Thinley Dorji
Directed by: Jamyang Dorji
Cinematography: Jigme T. Tenzing
Music: Tandin Dorji & Jigdrel Jigme

Cast: Deki Lhamo, Tshering Phuntsho, Tandin Wangchuk, Phurba Thinley

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Starring Bhutan’s famous and beloved Deki Lhamo and Tshering Phuntsho, Lencha is a touching and quintessentially Bhutanese rendition of a classic Hollywood film. It is the second commercial film by director/writer Jamyang Dorji. 

After a tragic accident kills her parents and brother, teenager Samaya is sent far away to study abroad by her wealthy grandfather, her only surviving family. 

After she returns home a well-educated, beautiful young woman she resumes friendship with her two childhood friends- Sonam and Mindu. As Samaya and Sonam’s feelings for each other develop further, Mindu becomes increasingly envious and frustrated. 

When Sonam is killed in a random robbery, Samaya must come to terms with her sudden loss, and finds comfort in the affection of Mindu. But Sonam’s soul is not ready to enter bardo, and he wants to communicate with Samaya, one last message of love and clarity.

Jamyang Dorji

Jamyang Dorji was born on 20th May 1980 in Bhutan. H.H. Chokling Rinpoche head of the Gyurme Ling Monastery in Bir, H.P. India, is Jamyang’s elder brother. So at the age of 6, Jamyang became a monk at the Gyurme Ling Monastery to be H.H. Chokling Rinpoche’s attendant. He attended Semthoka High School, Bhutan from 1989-1998. In 1999 he studied Acting in Delhi. In 2002 he wrote and Directed a feature film called NORBU, in 2003 he worked on the film Milarepa as a assistant to the Producer. He also worked as technical crew on the films Honeygiver Among the DogsHema Hema: Sing me a Song while you Wait. He is currently working on his next feature Five Steps Journey set in Bir, India, to be released in 2021.